NoTube sponsors best In Use paper at ESWC 2010

NoTube was pleased to sponsor the Best Semantic Web In Use Paper at this year’s Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2010. The award – for the best work presented at the conference on the application of semantic technologies in systems with practical and commercial value – went to:

Put in your postcode, out comes the data: A Case Study

Tope Omitola, Igor Popov, Yang Yang and Christos Koumenides

The chosen paper demonstrated how the combination of different sets of structured data could facilitate the construction of new applications and services. In this case, using open geographical data as a core set of “join point”(s) to mesh different public datasets, new applications of public and commercial value could be built on top of mostly open data.

NoTube is pleased to support this work through their sponsorship of the award, as the project also explores the use of open and structured data sets on the Web (Social Network data, data in the Open Linked Data cloud), in the context of providing a more personalized, social and enriched television experience.

NoTube dissemination manager Lyndon Nixon presented the award at the conference closing session.

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