WebScience 2010: NoTube wins best poster

NoTube contributed to the WebScience 2010 conference with a paper, which was presented in the poster session. During the poster session interesting discussions arose, both with layman and people working on related projects. The NoTube poster, which won the best poster award, is available here.

NoTube poster with Balthasar Schopman.

The papers presented during the conferences featured many interesting subjects. Many talks were Twitter related, such as how real-time search on Google is abused by using Twitter to influence the public opinion and outcome of elections. http://journal.webscience.org/317/

Another interesting talk addressed a method to semi-automatically enrich folksonomies with a hierarchy, i.e. allowing the crowd to add semantics to a folksonomy. http://journal.webscience.org/311/

We rounded off the conference with a discussion on the discipline of Web Science: how will we collaborate and support the interdisciplinary nature of it in the future.

All in all, NoTube was able to make new contacts and distribute the NoTube postcard to attendees. Through the poster, and additionally by winning the best poster award (announced on the conference front page), we are sure to have made many Web scientists aware of our project.

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