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More about the User Portal and the integration

Presenting the User Portal idea to the other partners generated different reactions that in general had been quite positive. While on one side it seemed a good idea to have an object like this in order to centralise the management … Continue reading

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Privacy revisited

Early on in the NoTube project we asked how we address the challenge that people want personalisation without any compromise to their privacy. We posed this question in the context of the NoTube Beancounter, a service for aggregating and analysing … Continue reading

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SmartLink goes ESWC2011

Part of the Open University’s work on service integration in NoTube is an RDF-based services annotation and tracking environment dubbed “SmartLink” which will be presented at this years Extended Semantic Web Conference in Crete. SmartLink is short for “SeMantic Annotation … Continue reading

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Second W3C Web and TV Workshop

Yesterday, Dan Brickley presented a paper written by Dan, me, and Vicky from NoTube and Mo McRoberts from Project Baird at the Second W3C Workshop on TV and the Web. The workshop was about various aspects of TV and the … Continue reading

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On serendipity

One of our more recent NoTube demos was inspired by an XKCD cartoon which prompted us to ask: can we make a large video collection interesting enough so that people keep browsing rather than give up? As we’ve said before, … Continue reading

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