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SemTech 2011: the future of media according to NoTube

The Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech) is the worlds leading industry semantic technologies conference, and this year there will be a special session on the Future of Media. Asking questions like: what difference does semantics make to the media business? Do … Continue reading

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W3C publishes report on Web TV, NoTube pushes for semantics and APIs

The W3C has now issued a summary of the 2nd workshop on Web and TV, which took place this February in Berlin. NoTube was present at this event and project representatives Libby Miller and Dan Brickley pushed for the use … Continue reading

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Legacy CMS integration in NoTube

A common challenge in the NoTube integration process with respect to the broadcaster’s environments is the connection with existing legacy systems that, in most cases, are content management systems (CMS) dealing with newscasts, advertisement, tv-programmes, etc. Legacy CMS are usually proprietary, … Continue reading

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Recommending things to real users through their “I’m watching” tweets

There are a lot of social tv platforms around the web where you can register yourself and watch tv programs in a social environment. Usually you can let these services publish your watching activities on your preferred social networks, like … Continue reading

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