Loudness Web Evaluation now online – be part of it!

End of 2010, we conducted a user evaluation to compare different ways to normalise the loudness of video clips. It showed a significant improvement of loudness normalised videos following EBU-R 128 compared to the original video clips without any normalisation, the “Max PPM=0 dBFS” normalisation used in CD production and the former European Broadcast Recommendation “Max QPPM=-9 dBFS” (see the Research Topics pages for more information).

Following the results of this test, we decided to perform another user evaluation to investigate the variation of both the Programme Loudness and Loudness Range (LRA) considering different listening situations as they can occur in the context of NoTube, i.e. using a computer, a mobile device or a Hybrid TV. We prepared different versions of a number of video clips to evaluate the application of loudness and LRA adaptation for typical listening situations of users.

http://survey.irt.de/notube The test can be carried out via the Web and to acquire the largest possible number of test cases for this evaluation we invite everyone to participate! Go to http://survey.irt.de/notube or scan the QR code with your smart phone to take part and to learn more about Loudness Normalisation on the Web! The evaluation will be open until Wednesday, October 12th 2011.

About Peter

I'm a multimedia research engineer working in the television production systems department at Institut für Rundfunktechnik. We are based in Germany's greatest outdoor city: Munich - which is why I love working and living here... :)
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