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Designing a new user interface for NoTube’s Beancounter

Managing the large volumes of data generated by the Social Web presents many challenges. In considering the user experience of NoTube’s Beancounter we have been thinking about how to present this kind of data to users in meaningful ways, as … Continue reading

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Algorithms for recommendations in various N-Screen implementations

We currently have three different versions of N-Screen running: (partial) Redux TED talks iPlayer They all have the same basic design with small tweaks for image size. They interoperate – you can drag and drop between them. The main differences … Continue reading

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N-Screen backend: XMPP/Jabber and group chats

The idea of N-Screen (demo) is to have real-time small-group non-text communication – so for example, sharing a programme (or perhaps a specific point in a programme) with a person, with a TV, or with a group, using drag and … Continue reading

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N-Screen: a second screen application for small-group exploration of on-demand content

For our latest social prototype in NoTube we return to the problem of finding interesting things to watch within large video collections, and investigate how working together might help people find something interesting. As we’ve seen, the problem with on-demand … Continue reading

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Loudness Web Evaluation now online – be part of it!

End of 2010, we conducted a user evaluation to compare different ways to normalise the loudness of video clips. It showed a significant improvement of loudness normalised videos following EBU-R 128 compared to the original video clips without any normalisation, … Continue reading

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NoTube presentation at NEM Summit 2011

NoTube was at the NEM Summit 2011. Two papers that were submitted by NoTube partners were presented at the conference which took place from September 27th to 29th at Politecnico in Torino. Peter Altendorf from IRT presented a paper about … Continue reading

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