Results from Loudness Web Evaluation now online

In December 2011, we already published preliminary results of the User Evaluation on Loudness Harmonisation on the Web in this blog. At the same time, we called for more participation to increase the data set for the final analysis. By the end of the year, we gathered the results of over 90 participants. With the paper linked here, we would like to give an update of the preliminary results of December 1st 2011 and an outlook on the entire analysis results which will be presented at the 132nd AES convention (Budapest, 26-29April 2012).

[Update (21.05.2012): The slides of the full presentation can be downloaded here.]

About Peter

I'm a multimedia research engineer working in the television production systems department at Institut für Rundfunktechnik. We are based in Germany's greatest outdoor city: Munich - which is why I love working and living here... :)
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