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Algorithms for recommendations in various N-Screen implementations

We currently have three different versions of N-Screen running: (partial) Redux TED talks iPlayer They all have the same basic design with small tweaks for image size. They interoperate – you can drag and drop between them. The main differences … Continue reading

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N-Screen backend: XMPP/Jabber and group chats

The idea of N-Screen (demo) is to have real-time small-group non-text communication – so for example, sharing a programme (or perhaps a specific point in a programme) with a person, with a TV, or with a group, using drag and … Continue reading

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N-Screen: a second screen application for small-group exploration of on-demand content

For our latest social prototype in NoTube we return to the problem of finding interesting things to watch within large video collections, and investigate how working together might help people find something interesting. As we’ve seen, the problem with on-demand … Continue reading

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Second W3C Web and TV Workshop

Yesterday, Dan Brickley presented a paper written by Dan, me, and Vicky from NoTube and Mo McRoberts from Project Baird at the Second W3C Workshop on TV and the Web. The workshop was about various aspects of TV and the … Continue reading

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EPG Autocompleter

Vicky and I have been thinking about how we can make it easier for people to use social media while watching TV even when they don’t have, say, MythTV and an iPhone and a bunch of custom software available. Often … Continue reading

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Take the user perspective, and talk about what we learn

At IBC people kept asking: what’s your product? Now we don’t have a NoTube product – nor should we have – this is a pre-market project – but the common follow-up question ‘what is your goal’ is a very reasonable … Continue reading

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Best In-Use Paper for Mobile Cultural Heritage Guide

The paper “Mobile Cultural Heritage Guide: Location-aware Semantic Search” by Chris van Aart, Bob Wielinga and Willem Robert van Hage, won the prize for “Best In-Use Paper” at the Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses conference (EKAW 2010) … Continue reading

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NoTube at IBC2010

Some of us from NoTube will be at IBC this year – we have a stand in Hall 3 in the New Technology Campus (3.D08) from Friday 10th September to Tuesday 14th, and Lora will also be doing a presentation … Continue reading

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Connecting Broadcast TV and the Web using a resolver

This blogpost describes a service we have created in NoTube in collaboration with Project Baird: a resolver that goes from broadcast TV to a webpage describing what’s on. This post explains how we used the BBC RDF /programmes data and … Continue reading

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