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NoTube short video

A 2 minutes long video showing NoTube implemented approaches to recommendations is now available in different languages (english, french, italian, portuguese).

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Live profile and recommendation evolution

During the just closed NoTube project 2th year review, we showed some real demos involving users interacting with a bunch of different devices/interfaces, that once integrated and consolidated will allow the user to get a new tv experience. Let’s see … Continue reading

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A Notube story

Jack suffers from a particular case of information overloading about TV. He is fine with tons of movies, ads, documentaries, talk-shows hitting him every evening. He just can’t phisically stand the huge mass of news (here a ‘news’ stands for … Continue reading

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Recommending things to real users through their “I’m watching” tweets

There are a lot of social tv platforms around the web where you can register yourself and watch tv programs in a social environment. Usually you can let these services publish your watching activities on your preferred social networks, like … Continue reading

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