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Two new open source services published

Source code of several services that we developed has just been released as open source code with the Apache 2.0 license. These services include: the Enriched EPG service: provides enriched EPG metadata data from BBC /programmes by using┬áLupedia to enrich … Continue reading

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EPG Autocompleter

Vicky and I have been thinking about how we can make it easier for people to use social media while watching TV even when they don’t have, say, MythTV and an iPhone and a bunch of custom software available. Often … Continue reading

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Connecting Broadcast TV and the Web using a resolver

This blogpost describes a service we have created in NoTube in collaboration with Project Baird: a resolver that goes from broadcast TV to a webpage describing what’s on. This post explains how we used the BBC RDF /programmes data and … Continue reading

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Strophe and Greasemonkey

This week I’ve been looking at using Strophe and Greasemonkey to try to make an evocative but simple two-screen prototype for web-based on demand video. It was a bit fiddly in parts but it’s very useful once you get it … Continue reading

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