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Beancounter user research part 2: Reactions to the Beancounter user interface

Last week I wrote about our findings concerning people’s attitudes towards privacy and sharing of the types of personal data that the Beancounter (NoTube’s user profiling service) can collect. This blog post is going to focus on some early reactions … Continue reading

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Be part of our user research into Social Web & TV

Please help us with our user research by taking a moment of your time to fill in our survey to collect opinions about the implications of integrating the Social Web with TV; including attitudes to privacy, sharing of personal data, and … Continue reading

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Visualisation of key findings from N-Screen user testing

You can read a more detailed description of the results in a previous blog post.

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Preliminary findings of N-Screen user testing

Libby and I recently spent two days testing NoTube’s ‘N-Screen’ prototype with members of the public at the BBC R&D user testing lab in London. As Libby has described previously on this blog, N-Screen is a second screen prototype application … Continue reading

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Designing a new user interface for NoTube’s Beancounter

Managing the large volumes of data generated by the Social Web presents many challenges. In considering the user experience of NoTube’s Beancounter we have been thinking about how to present this kind of data to users in meaningful ways, as … Continue reading

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Finding interesting new programmes – trial results

In a previous blog post about a NoTube demo for browsing an archive of BBC programmes using Linked Data techniques, I discussed the potential role of serendipity in bringing people’s attention to ‘surprisingly good’ content that they didn’t already know about. At the time … Continue reading

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Results of second screen usability study

The group of Masters students at the VU University Amsterdam has now completed their project on usability heuristics for TV second screens. As described previously, the students initially developed various ideas for future second screen scenarios based on brainstorming sessions, literature … Continue reading

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Future second screen scenarios

An enthusiastic group of six Information Science Masters students at the VU University Amsterdam are now half-way through their assignment looking at the usability aspects of augmenting TV with second screen experiences for the NoTube project. They have been concentrating … Continue reading

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On serendipity

One of our more recent NoTube demos was inspired by an XKCD cartoon which prompted us to ask: can we make a large video collection interesting enough so that people keep browsing rather than give up? As we’ve said before, … Continue reading

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