Why is the project called NoTube?

NoTube stands for ‘Networks and Ontologies for the Transformation and Unification of Broadcasting and the Internet’.

This rather long title basically means that while broadcasting and the Internet seem to be already converging, in fact we are simply seeing Web and TV content being displayed in parallel on screen. It is not a true integration. For this, the data and systems used in broadcasting and online need to be transformed and unified, so that data and services may be on the broadcaster network, or on the Internet, and for a TV client it makes no difference. NoTube wants to break down this separation of broadcaster and Internet by using open standards, common data schema, and services from the cloud, in order to enable new and innovative TV experiences where broadcaster and Web content merge into a single unity.

What is the relation between NoTube and the Semantic Web?

Some of the project partners, including the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, are heavily involved in contributing to the development of the Semantic Web, for example by developing new vocabularies, schemas and alignments, and connecting these with the Linked Open Data cloud. NoTube applies the use of Semantic Web technology to two main topics: recommender algorithms and structured information for TV viewers. NoTube also contributed to services which are part of the Linked Open Data cloud.

Is there any connection between NoTube and YouTube?

None at all, apart from both being interested in audiovisual content on the Web and on TV.

However, while YouTube is a platform for hosting and delivering content, NoTube is a research project focused on added value services enhancing TV content delivery and consumption. NoTube is more interested in what is happening behind the screen – how data is generated and expressed, how services can manipulate the data, and how client applications can be built from these data and services.

Who was involved?

The project was coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Here’s a list of project partners.

What did the project produce?

NoTube was a research project. It’s end results were to produce technical services, such as APIs, that others can re-use and build upon, rather than a ‘product’.

What technical services are available for me to use/download?

See the Things to use section of this website for a list of tools and services.