Research topics

NoTube was interested in the following research topics:

Automatic enrichment: annotating video content with Linked Data from the Web to add background knowledge and context.

Entity recognition: extracting references to meaningful concepts from text and audio/visual analysis.

Linked data: linking data together to add structure and meaning, to make new and interesting connections, and ultimately to enhance the TV experience for viewers.

Loudness normalisation: harmonising variations of loudness in media coming from different sources

Personalised advertising: delivering enhanced content with programmes,  appropriate to both the user’s context and the device.

Recommendations: producing personalised content recommendations, using data models of users and contexts.

Second screens: using the Web as a useful companion to the TV.

Services integration: using semantics and Linked Data principles to integrate distributed Web services and APIs.

Social TV: researching novel means of people interacting socially with TV.

TV Metadata Interoperability: harmonising different metadata formats used in the professional TV domain

Web-connected TV: connecting the traditionally closed world of TV with the open world of the Web, in both directions.