Personalised ads

Why was this of interest to NoTube?

NoTube was interested in the delivery of the most appropriate content, including advertisements, which is relevant both to the context (e.g. time and the location) and the device being used to display the content (e.g. set-top box, laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet). The project proposes that such context-awareness produces greater satisfaction in TV viewers.

What NoTube has done in this area

As part of the Personalised TV Guide and adaptive ads showcase, NoTube investigated ways of:

  • Specifying a metadata schema for describing and classifying ads.
  • Delivering advertisements on the basis of user profiles, context (e.g. time, location, platform), activity (e.g. traveling) and the control interface of the user’s device (e.g. mobile).
  • Dealing with audio/visual analysis of video content. Loudness harmonisation of video clips, and visual detection of regions of interest is used to guide ad placement.

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Who was involved? Stoneroos Interactive Television B.VInstitut fuer Rundfunktechnik GmbHKorea Telecom and Thomson Video Networks, in collaboration with other project partners.


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