Web-connected TV

Due to its dynamic nature, the Web has been formed and shaped to the desires of its users. TV technology is not as dynamic as the Web and has kept its linear programming over the last decade, partially due to its business model where advertisements remain the most important source of income for commercial TV stations.

Why was this of interest to NoTube?

NoTube aimed to translate features of the Web to TV, such as the personalised and community-based aspects. For this, there were two main research areas:

  • URLs for TV
  • APIs for TV

What NoTube has done in this area

The first year of the project was largely about determining what infrastructure was needed to start to build interesting television applications. The first of these was an open API to TV. The second was a means to link resolvable URLs with broadcast URLs. We have taken the TVDNS approach to this but there multiple others (including targeted autocomplete, which we have also implemented).

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Who was involved?

BBC, and Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, in collaboration with other NoTube project partners and with other projects.


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