The work in the NoTube project is steered by three use cases that come up with ideas and functional demonstrators to examine the future of TV, and which drive the technology choices and services created in the other parts of the project.

Personalised semantic news led by RAI

Personalised TV guide with adaptive advertising led by Stoneroos

TV and the Social Web led by the BBC: Television watching has always been a social activity, but as channels and other delivery mechanisms multiply, some of the social aspects of watching are decreasing while other web-based opportunities for social interaction are increasing. The BBC’s work in NoTube aims to bridge the social aspects of television with the web, creating new talking points around services on the the web that aggregate data from multiple sources.

NoTube Showcases

No. Name
9.4 User oriented media business models PDF
9.5 Validation activity methodology & Exploitation strategy, v2 PDF