NoTube project documents

Architectural principles

No. Name
6.1 NoTube System Specifications and Architectural Design, vM13 PDF
6.2 NoTube integrated System 1st prototype PDF
6.3 NoTube integrated System 2nd prototype PDF
6.4 NoTube integrated System 3rd prototype PDF

Automatic enrichment

No. Name
3.1 User and Context model Specification, vM13 PDF
3.2 User Modelling Service, v1 PDF
3.4 User/Context Modelling Service (social models), v2 PDF

Entity recognition

No. Name
4.1 Reqs Analysis for Semantic Annotation of TV content, vM6 PDF
4.2 Semantic Annotation Framework for of TV content, vM33 PDF
4.4 Text content analysis components PDF
4.5 Integration of Advanced Modules in Annotation Framework, vM33 PDF

Linked data

No. Name
1.1 Syntactic interoperability of NoTube vocabularies v1, M13 PDF
1.2 Syntactic interoperability of NoTube vocabularies v2 PDF
1.3 Vocabulary alignment service of NoTube vocabularies v1 PDF
1.4 Vocabulary alignment service of NoTube vocabularies v2 PDF

Loudness normalisation

No. Name
4.3 Audio/Video content analysis component, vM33 PDF

Personalised advertising

No. Name
7b.1 PPG Specifications and Design with Personal Advertising PDF
7b.2 Personalized Advertising, v1  PDF
7b.3 Multi-lingual user identification for PPG, v2 PDF
7b.4 Social Interaction Tools & Multimodal Support for PPG, v3 PDF


No. Name
3.3 Recommender service (hybrid, policy aware)  PDF

Services integration

No. Name
5.1 Semantic TV Broker Requirements, vM13 PDF
5.2 Semantic Representations of TV Data and Sources in WSMO PDF
5.3 Fuzzy, context-aware Discovery and Mediation of SWS  PDF
5.4 Implementation and intergration of semantic, context-aware TV Resources Broker  PDF
5.5 Implementation of eCommerce-Oriented Video Annotation Environment  PDF

Social TV

No. Name
7c.1 Social TV: Use Case Specs, Design and first mock-up PDF
7c.2 Social TV: Sharing of interests and attention data, v1 PDF
7c.3 Social TV: Personal and group preferences, v2 PDF
7c.4 Social TV Integrated Prototype of v1 and v2 PDF

TV metadata interoperability

No. Name
2.1 Requirements analysis, vM13 PDF
2.2 Metadata conversion concept and prototype implementation PDF
2.3 Metadata service prototype implementation PDF
2.4 Validation and testing report PDF

Web connected tv

No. Name
7a.1 Personalized News Services specifications PDF
7a.2 Personalized News Platform prototype, v1 PDF
7a.3 Personalized News Platform prototype, v2 PDF
7a.4 Personalized News Platform prototype, v3 PDF

Implementation of eCommerce-Oriented Video Annotation Environment